הקרובים אלי מכירים היטב את חולשתי הרבה לפריז. בשנה האחרונה זה אף התעצם ויצא לי לבקר מספר פעמים, כל אחת קסומה אף יותר מקודמתה, שכללו בין השאר מזג אויר קיצוני בכל אחת מהפעמים, חוסר פרופורציה בין כמות האוכל/אלכוהול/מסעדות בהן ביקרתי לבין מה שאדם סביר אמור לצרוך, קניות מדוייקות ומשובחות, אבל בעיקר זמן איכות עם עצמי…

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The Uncomfertable

The Uncomfortable is a collection of deliberately inconvenient everyday objects by Athens-based architect Katerina Kamprani. Katerina’s goal is to deconstruct the invisible design language of simple everyday objects and tweak their fundamental properties in order to surprise you and make you laugh. But also to help us appreciate the complexity and depth of interactions with…

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Few Things of Note #64

Hi, Not quite the weekend, but I literally lost track of it with all the holidays… Anyway, few great links: Le Butt panties by the awesome Monday is a Basic Bitch. Loving this little Christian Dior. Dads just got a lot cooler. ultimate newborn t-shirt for dad. DIY bookmark tassels. colorful and fun. Great resources for entrepreneurs woman. Interesting facts…

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How to Raise a Feminist Son

As a mother of both a boy and a girl, this question is occupying my mind very much. Setting an example is one thing, but there are few other actions need to take as they grow up. We raise our girls to fight stereotypes and pursue their dreams, but we don’t do the same for our…

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Few Things of Note #63

Hey hey, Weekend/holiday/weekend/holiday etc., you get me, right? Great links ahead: Hillary talking about Trump, worth the read! Things you should do after sex. How to love your job. How Facebook is changing the internet. Such an important view Extention reel 001– fascinating photography by Niv Novak. are you talking to boys the way talk to…

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Few Things of Note #62

Good Weekend everyone, I officially started my countdown to back-to-normalization day, AKA September 1st. Few great links: Wimbledon female fashion – a recap of recent 100 years. If you are over 30, here is the complete guide to everything you need to wear. Insta feeds I wish I had. Velvet socks ?! still not sure…

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The Snob Hôtel

The Snob Hôtel was conceived as a bourgeois abode, created in essence, to pay homage to the Parisienne lady. This complex yet charming idea of snobbery represents the Parisienne’s ‘Eternal holidaymaker’ spirit as much as her ‘chic and chilled’ demeanor. Located in Paris’ bohemian neighborhood, in the heart of the city, right in the middle…

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Note to Self, On Time Management

One of my new favorite struggles: Time Managment. As I’m simultaneously working on few very different projects, each pushing towards a very different creative direction, I find myself not once struggling to manage one project from beginning to end and trying to prioritize importance vs. urgency with checklists and what-have-you. Then, I found this brilliant article by…

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DIY – Attitude Napkins

Don’t you just love these attitude napkins ? Found them as part of a collaboration between Gabrielle Blair (aka DesignMom) and Amy Christie (aka This Heart of Mine). It’s easy, fun and will upgrade any dinner party you are planning. My personal favorite is of course the Downton Abbey famous: Don’t be a defeatist dear,…

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Few Things of Note #61

Hey, Not much to say about this crazy week .. hoping good news will come knocking on our doors soon. Few great links for some escapism: How to shape your eyebrows The unique home of Jean Cocteau. She believed she could The French art of the August slowdown. Currently on my reading list. Such an…

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DIY Tassel Espadrille Sneakers

Long time since I’ve posted a DIY something. Found this chic, easy and fun tassel sneakers upgrade on Honestly WTF.  This is what you’ll need: espadrille sneakers (I used Soludos’ canvas platform espadrille sneakers) 8 3.75″ luxe cotton tassels 6 skeins of DMC Matte Cotton thread (2 skeins of 3 different colors) 1 yard of wax linen cord scotch tape fabric…

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Eleven5 for a Good Cause

Eleven5 was created to empower and inspire others on the basis that we are all human. Part of all proceeds go to revolving non-profit organizations that are working to fight for those who need it most. “When preparing to join the millions marching on January 21st, I designed some posters for friends to carry around…

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No One is You, That is Your Power.

~ Unknown