What happened when 3 families let their kids rewrite the house rules for one week? Yes’ you guessed it right…

The Guardian presents: Don’t Try t at home!

The funniest and probably the most exhausting week a parent can ask for. here are the rules, you’ll be the judge.

full article – here

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Jake and Joe’s rules

  • Decca isn’t allowed to say no
  • No baths
  • Hourly food fight
  • Unlimited screens
  • No bedtime
  • Decca has to play Laser Tag when we want
  • Unlimited sweets and crisps and chocolates and fizzy drinks
  • Decca has to disco dance when we want
  • Email Donald Trump every 10 hours to insult him
  • We are allowed to get games on Decca’s phone
  • Allowed to swear
  • Unlimited water fights
  • Worst table manners
  • No vegetables
  • Allowed to jump on Decca’s bed, to play on a Wii and to pee on the toilet seat



Laila’s rules

  • Watch more TV
  • Have Mummy and Daddy both read to me at bedtime
  • No arguing
  • Daddy not to look at his phone at dinnertime
  • Breakfast of Coco Pops
  • Dinner of fish fingers, chips, and peas
  • Bedtime when I want
  • Daddy singing songs from Matilda at bedtime
  • No tidying up



Jimmy and Dolly’s rules

  • A lift anywhere, any time
  • Weekly family games night
  • Themed dinner every night – Mexican, Indian, etc
  • Constant supply of chocolate cereal
  • We decide bedtime

Evangeline, Dash and Lester’s rules

  • Sweets every day
  • Watch telly every day after school
  • Sleep in Mum’s bed
  • To be read to for as long as we want every night
  • Pizza for supper









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