American artist Lee Price, in a hyper-realistic oil painting series “Woman & Food” explores the very complex relationship woman had with food. In Price’s paintings, food serves as a symbol for the many distractions we create to keep ourselves from being conscious and present in our lives.

When I’m having difficulties in my life food is still how I deal with things…. It’s not the severity that it was, but I might grab a pint of Haagen Dazs without thinking.

The paintings are very personal, they explore compulsive behavior. I use food as the focus, but any number of other things could stand in for food.


With her own history of eating disorders, Price excels at expressing the incredibly fraught, frustrating connection so many of us have with food

 The women in my paintings are seeking a place of solace. They are looking for a re acquaintance with joy. They are searching for the lusciousness of life




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