הקרובים אלי מכירים היטב את חולשתי הרבה לפריז. בשנה האחרונה זה אף התעצם ויצא לי לבקר מספר פעמים, כל אחת קסומה אף יותר מקודמתה, שכללו בין השאר מזג אויר קיצוני בכל אחת מהפעמים, חוסר פרופורציה בין כמות האוכל/אלכוהול/מסעדות בהן ביקרתי לבין מה שאדם סביר אמור לצרוך, קניות מדוייקות ומשובחות, אבל בעיקר זמן איכות עם עצמי…

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Dalida, her Wardrobe On & Off-Stage

The Palais Galliera pays homage to Italian-French singer and actress Dalida with an exhibition of her wardrobe, which was recently donated to the museum by her brother Orlando. Dressed by the greatest designers both on and off-stage, in haute couture or in prêt-à-porter,Dalida has remained an immensely popular star. Her wardrobe always followed the movements of…

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Few Things of Note #40

Hey, So, I skipped one weekend.. Arm knitted cushion cover – Lovely DIY . What a brilliant bathroom interior design. absolutely love it. Why facts don’t change our minds ?  “My point being almost every time I was super afraid it was of the wrong thing.” – Be Curious, Be Compassionate Top 10 Life Lessons I’ve…

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Ultimate Guide to Boost Your Creativity

I’ve been following Cocorrina for few years now, and i enjoy her SO much. recently she’ve created this Ultimate Guide to Boost Creativity based on her freelance life experience. a very enlightening, well gathered, great executed summary every creative freelance will relate to. Quick guide : 1/ DO SOMETHING CREATIVE DAILY 2/ TRY SOMETHING NEW EVERY DAY 3/ MESS…

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‘Tipsy Writer’ by Bower

The ‘Tipsy Writer’ by New York based studio Bower, is a pen holder weighted by a half brass, half wooden ball. A spin off to it’s Tipsy predecessor, the Writer is equally as fun to play with at your desk. No matter how much you tip it over, it always finds a way back up.…

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‘Filling Spaces’ by Federico Picci

Graphic illustrator Federico Picci demonstrates what sound looks like in his mind when he sits down to practice his second best profession as a pianist. In the series ‘Filling Spaces’ floating pinkish hue balloons covering empty spaces coming out of instrumentals and rolling all over the room, much like music. This concept started as a personal study on…

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Few Things of Note #39

Shalom Weekend Lovers, Few links to feed the creative soul: Improve your productivity –  Lovely 10 tips infographic School of Life shows us that it’s not too late for you to switch careers Be sharp, smart, social, and ready to give the middle finger to average work. Join the Chandelier Creative, they are WAY beyond awesome.…

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The most complicated skill is to be simple.

―  Dejan Stojanovic


Few Things of Note #38

Dear Weekend, Thank you for arriving! few things of note : Designers predict the major branding trends of 2017. How to survive a 20+ hours flight. “I’m not a supermodel. I make the best of what I’ve got.” – 9 of Victoria Beckham’s most quotable quips. 8 things every creative should know. #3 is my favorite. Inside…

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Unique Animal Scarves by Nina Führer

Handcrafted knitted with a domestic knitting machine in her Netherlands based atelier, Nina Führer creates the cutest animal scarves from the highest quality material, like merino wool and cashmere. Inspiration for my work comes from modern art, wildlife, and the fables I heard when I was a child. When I make a new design, I start…

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